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# when we use pesticides and fertilizers the get dissolved in rain water which falls on plants and on the land the water flows to the ponds or lakes ..which increases the pH level of water and making the aquatic animals hard to live .

# we cut down trees and clear out the foresters causing the animals to disappear , become extinct.

#  our huge industries and factories emit the harmful gas and cause acid rains thus harming animals.

# we throw the garbage and the left out chemicals from the factories without purifying them into the rivers and lakes , which kills the aquatic animals .

# chemical reactions involving air pollutants create a poisonous gas ozone (o3). the ozone gas can affect people's health and can damage vegetation types and some animal life loss . 
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Cutting down of trees  causes the birds homeless.... forests are the shelter for wild animals and the cutting down of them results in the killing of these animal and also the animals would come to the villages and towns for food and shelter and that results  in death of humans and causes panic...

the water pollution results in the death of marine life... the marine life inculdes fishes which we also relay on food... these fishes gets killed due to the introduction of chemicals from the factories to the lake rivers oceans etc and the consumpion of these fishes results in deadly disesaes to the humans.
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