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Music is above language and cultural barriers , it is said. The style of music may differ but a true music lover can understand music played irrespective of the style. In classical music , more emphasis is given to the basic notes, pitch and all. the type of instruments used are also different, which compliments to the kind of music. But in pop, the emphasis is given to rhythm and pace and the response it can create in the audience. Any music is based on standard things like pitch and rhythm, but according to various cultures, the delivering style differs. Any style  of  music is definitely related to each other because now a days we can see fusion music gaining popularity where classical or pop style music is played together. In my own experience, I have felt that both the styles compliment each other and helps us to understand and learn the other better.
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Music differs from person to person..... some may like pop while others classical.. in my opinion classical music is better cause it relaxs our mind it is pleasant while pop is little more loud and maybe a distrubance to other people..... some people likes to hear soothing musia which relaxes them after a hard day at work.. 

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