Because Hyderabad is a plce in Deccan plateau. It has water resources such as Hussain Sagar, It also has very hot climate.It has vey good rains. This is because it is in the centre of telangana state and hence experiences all the types of climate.
So, the climate changes very fastly in Hyderabad.
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hyderabad is a city in is the capital of both telangana  and also andhra pradesh.

it experiences an arid climate.sudden change in climate is a very common phenomenon of hyderabad.

it experiences all four seasons ,i.e , summer , winter , monsoon and autumn.

hyderabad gets heavy rainfall in the month of march and heavy hail storm in the autumn.

it is said that this happens usually due to the position of the city and its surrounding water bodies.

but , scientifically , no reason has been given yet.research on this is still going on.we hope that the scientists will find the reason soon.
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