Kanchan receives a certain amount of money on her retirement from her employer. She gives half of this money and an additional sum of rs 10000 to her daughter. She also gives one third of the money received and an additional sum of rs 3000 to her son. If the daughter gets twice as much as the son, find the amount of money kanchan received on her retirement.
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Forgive me if the answer comes out to be in continuous lines instead of separate lines . Let her salary be x Daughter -x/2. + 10000 Son --x/3+3000 A/Q, x/2+10000=2(x/3+3000) ---2x/3-x/2=10000-6000 ----x/6=4000 ---x=24000
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Let the amount be x then
 \frac{x}{2}+10000 = 2( \frac{x}{3}+3000) \\ => \frac{x}{2}-  \frac{2x}{3}   =6000-10000 \\ \frac{3x-4x}{6} = -4000 \\-x=-24000 \\ x=24000
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