This is an old saying that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing it means that little knowledge may produce evil results - a person with little knowledge is like an 'empty vessel that sounds much'- he thinks that he knows everything,when in point of fact, he knows very little - this ego leads him to meddle in matters - vanity stands in the way of acquisition of knowledge- a person of little knowledge loses common sense and lacks in modesty - all evils may be avoided, if the person of little knowledge comes to understand his folly and takes remedial measures thereof.
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Knowledge is essential.We acquire knowledge all our lives.But we have to perfect whatever we gather as knowledge.We have to bring it up-to-date too.We must try to add our knowledge but always remember that what we know is only very little compared to what we do not know.Our knowledge should not be allowed to make us vain,proud and haughty.We should not put into practise our knowledge till we know that it is complete and correct.Arguments begin when one starts with his imperfect knowledge.Suppose someone suggests some drug or remedy for an illness.But it was not the right medicine for it.You can imagine its consequences.Our imperfect knowledge will make us believe in a false cause;it will make us follow a dishonest leader.That is why we say,a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.I t makes us do foolish things.
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