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A: hi B 
B: hello... how are u
A: i am fine.. i heard that u wish to study abroad
B: yes that is true.. i m very good at my subject but weak in english... what to do?
A: oh .... it is a problem indeed... u could have trouble at th eintreview
B: really?? what kind of trouble?
A: the interviewers ask questions in english and u also have to answerr back in eng
B; oh dear what to do now? it has always been my dream to study aboard 
A: dont worry man... read a lot of gud books english books.. it helped me to improve my english
B: really??? what kind of books?
A: u know novels , there are many gud english books at the store now.
u can also rent gud eng movies with subtitles
B: yes i could do that.. thank u 
A: anything for a frnd
B:okay then see u bye....
A: bye
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