9th standard CBSE Science Lesson 14 Natural Resources
Activity 14.1
Measure the temperature of the following :
Take (i) a beaker full of water, (ii) a bottle full of soil/sand and (iii) a closed bottle containing a thermometer. Keep them in bright sunlight for three hours. Now measure the temperature of all 3 vessels. Also,take the temperature reading in shade at the same time.
1. Is the temperature reading more in activity (i) or (ii)?
2. Based on the above finding,which would become hot faster- the land or the sea?
3. Is the thermometer reading of the temperature of air (in shade) the same as the temperature of sand or water? What do you think is the reason for this? And why does the temperature have to be measured in the shade?
4. Is the temperature of air in the closed glass vessel/bottle the same as the temperature taken in open air? (i) What do you think is the reason for this? (ii) Do we ever come across this phenomenon in daily life?
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1. Water
2. Sea
3. no, because of their difference in their specific heats. because if we done it in heat means immediately we can see the change in thermometer where as in others not
4. no, the atmospheric temperature will get stability here
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