1) The parallel sides of trapezium are in the ratio 2:5 and distance between them is 10cm. If the area of trapezium is 350cm2(square).find the parallel sides of trapezium
2)find the sum of parallel sides of the trapezium whose area is 4.2m2(square)and height is 280cm.
3)Find the area of square whose diagonal is 12cm.
4)A garden is in the shape of semi circle of radius 42m. A person jogs around the garden 3 times.what is the distance jogged by him.

5)The area of arhombus is 84m2(square) and one diagonal 14cm long.find the length of the other diagonal.



1. 20cm & 50cm 2. 133m 3. 72m² 4. 396m 5. 0.12m
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