Please answer the following of ASL Problem Solving questions :
1.You and a friend have been assigned the task of setting up a Story Reading Club in your school.You are anxious about it as you have never been asked to do such a task before. How would you execute this task?
2. As part of a school project you have to do community service. Your teacher has left the choice open to the students, but they are not interested in doing it. Discuss with your partner how you can motivate your friends to work and contribute effectively to society.
3. You both feel you are not able to speak English fluently. With your partner, discuss what measures you can take to improve your spoken skills.
4. Often when students leave their class to go to library or playground, they do not switch off lights or fans. The taps are left on in washrooms. With your partner, discuss how you can convince your classmates that they should be more responsible about this.
5. One of your friends has not been doing well in science classes lately. He is scared of asking his science teacher for help because he feels that the teacher will consider him foolish for having such problems. With your partner, discuss how you can help your friend.



4.u can collect fines,fitting sensors,appointing water and electricity monitors,punishment,pasting stickers so they will turn off it

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