Todays children are tomrs citizens students play a very important role in building nation building nation is just like building ur future today students  should be more concernd abt the nation becoz as they indirectly contibute to nation as the grow older if they study they they contribute to economic growt literacy and many things elaborate it all the best !!!!!!!!!!!
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Students are the main role for building up a nation.A nation`s prosperity depends upon the good nurturing of the children in that country.Not only the prosperity but also the country`s future developement depends on students.Students are the weapon for a country to upgrade itself.A nation with good mannered student are always in a top position than the country which dont have much mannered students.Students can do anything,they are the ones who can make possible for the developement of a nation.Some of the most developed nations in the world are in their current position due to proper nurturing of their students.Students directly or indirectly contribute to a nation for its developement.Students are the hopes of the nation for a better tomorrow.Not only regarding developemental aspects but also students give nation a position by which they can feel proud of in today`s society.So,I conclude that students play a very major role in building up a nation.          that`s wat i knw :) 

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