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You must have heard people saying "time is money". Have you ever wondered why do they say that? Do you know Bill gates is said to earn $472 every second? He uses his time very effectively to do productive works and that's why he earns so much. Now you might have got a clear idea. Those individuals who plan beforehand, seldom fail. They are able to start their work on time and are able to complete it in time. Having worked out every minute of the allotted time, they do not hurry. Planning and proper implementation of that always brings in success. Every moment brings with it thousands of golden opportunities. Every minute is a store-house of ‘chances’. Therefore, we must not allow such precious time to slip away. If we do so, we allow those golden opportunities and chances to slip away too. There is a saying “Time and tide waits for none”. The saying is indeed true. Time waits for none. It comes and goes.So it will be wiser to spend every moment of your life in doing something good for the society.
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