i think that this topic is very inspiring. i will write it all from my heart so that when you read it ,you feel that you are reading a real written incident.

i will begin with a very common question.

what is a dream?

a dream is a series of thought sand events which are in our mind usually while we are asleep but the definition of dream according to this essay should be a thing which we want to be happened in real.

we can dream of being anything like a doctor , a teacher , an artist , a dancer , a singer , an athlete and many more.there is no limit of these dreams.we can do anything for making these dreams come true.

we just cant sit and say that i will definitely become this or that.we need to work very hard for making these dreams come true.

we need to start practising and our focus should be very should be so strong , that no one can ever destroy it.

we need to put a lot of concentration and dedication for achieving our goals.dreams are just like destinations.they needs to be reached by taking any doesn't sees a track which is right or wrong.the track should just take to to your destination of your dreams.

so , stop sitting idle , just wake up and start working hard for achieving your loved dreams or goals.
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