We shall complain to our class teachear to motivate the about the advantage of studies in the whole life...
If they will continue creating discipline then the group of a students have to go to theirs home to complaint 
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A(you) : Hey friend! How are you?
B(the disturbing group student) : I'm fine...How are you?
A : Okay.. but not as fine as you.
B : Oh, why ?
A : Melancholic that everyone is wasting their time here.
B : Wasting their time? What do you mean ?!
A : Yeah.Wasting their time...a few by chit-chatting aloud and not at all studying.. while the rest, (who really have a mind set to study) by listening to others' chit-chats and failing to concentrate on their studies.
B : Haha...Why don't the rest close their ears then and study as they wish ?
A : I don't think that's the best way to solve this problem. Why don't the disturbing ones pause all their talks during the study hours and resume their chit-chats in the intervals? Exams are getting closer. We all need to pay much attention towards studies.
B : Hmm..
A : Chit-chats and all other things are a waste of precious time and are completely secondary. I don't expect my friends to score less marks in the exams.Moreover, being a part of this class, its our minimum responsibility to keep the atmosphere here favorable for studies.
Hope you understand...Please take it in a positive manner!
B : Yeah..You are right..I agree with you.
Here after, we all will definitely try to prevent ourselves from disturbing others with our loud talks. After all, we students are one and the same, right? ;)
A : Yes..! Of course. Thanks for your co-operation dear !! 
B : Pleasure..! :) Lets get back to books now! Study time !!
A : Yes..yes..! Sure ! :)
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