OUTLINE PROGRAMMEIntroduction and welcome• Setting the scene• Why are we concerned with communication?Effective communication• Phases of communication• Identification of barriers to communication• Overcoming the barriers.First impressions count• Making the right impression• Body language.Asking the right question• Types of questions• Practical exercises in questioning.Active listening• Listening to understand• Tips to improve your listening.Rapport• Identifying rapport skills• Practising mirroring.communication skillsThis course has been developed to provide you with better communication skills as you embark on your career. Effectivecommunication skills are a pre-requisite to becoming a fully effective finance professional. The course has been specificallydeveloped to support your progress towards the ACCA Qualification and to count towards the achievement of ACCA’spractical experience requirements (PER), which are mandatory for ACCA membership.ACCA practical experience requirementsAs an ACCA member, you will need to be equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to meet different challengesin your career. ACCA’s practical experience requirement (PER) enables you to apply the knowledge gained through yourexams, and develop the skills attitudes and behaviours that you will need to demonstrate as a qualified accountant. PERprovides a framework for achievement, confirming effective and sustainable workplace performance, making you a morevaluable employee.Below you will find a guide to where this course is most relevant to specific performance objectives.It should be noted that attendance on this course will not automatically result in achievement of the performanceobjective. ACCA would expect you to actively demonstrate the performance objective in the workplace,as well as .
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