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1. Novel named "Wings of Fire" by Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.
   I sincerely want to receive this book as my birthday present because I came to know that this book has lots of wisdom to treasure out! So, in a way, I want to make 'wisdom', my birthday gift!
2. A brand new Ladybird cycle(of pink color)
I really need this. I'm already over-weight! :P Healthy body, healthy mind ! :)
3. A new pencil box with all kind of geometric equipment in it.
Almost everyone in our class has this cool thing! Even I need it!
4. A lovely plant with lots of green leaves on it.
I love plants! Moreover, promoting greenery is really a must thing in this present polluted world. Hence, I wanna do a bit from my side to this world by taking care of a plant from my very recent birthday! :))

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