Maharana Pratap was born in a famous warlike family of the Shishodia Rajputs.His father Udia Singh was a man of character.The other Rajput leaders had given their daughters and sister to Akbar in marriage.So in order to avoid fight with Akbar Rana left Chittor.But soon a big battle was fought between the two at Haldighat.The great Mughal army under the command of famous general Man Singh and prince Salim led the mughal army.Rana's soldiers fought bravely to the last man.But at last they were overpowered by the large number of mughal soldiers.Rana then lead a hidden life in the forests with his queen and children.To keep away from the sharp eye of Akbar.They ate wild fruits and sometimes had no food for a number of days.Now Rana decided to surrender before Akbar.But just then his old and faithful minister Bhama Shah came to him  and placed all his wealth at his feet to get an army & fight with Akbar.Rana accepted his offer and made an army. He captured many places but could not back chittor.So he made a vow not to sleep on the bed or under the roof till he got back to chittor.So his descendants honor his name and vow even putting some khusha grass under their beds.There is a class of Rajpus who still lead a beautiful life.They recently entered the city of chittor under the command of Jawaharlal Nehru with great pump and ceremony to settle and live there in free India.India is proud about Rana Pratap who never bowed his head before the mighty Akbar.He was a true patriot.
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Maharana Pratap also known as Pratap Singh was son of maharani Jayantabai and king Udai Singh II founder of Udaipur who was a Hindu Rajput ruler of mewar , a region of Rajasthan. He was born on 9 May, 1540. Maharana Pratap is known for his bravery. For Maharana Pratap Mughals were foreigner who had invaded India and that is why he hated them and don't want any ties with them . He want to free his nation from Mughals. He mastered the skill in the use of arms and weapons including horse ridings.


On 28 Feb, 1572 , Maharana pratap's coronation was performed at  Gogunda. After becoming king conquered the Chappan area, defeating the Rathors , than he ensured full protection of entire Godwad and the Arawali ranges.