Your friend has fallen into bad company. He is spending more and more time with his new friends and drifting away from studies. With your partner, discuss the problem and decide how you could help your friend. i want a solution on this have asl tommorrow. no links



Me:hey rita do  know rohan is day by day go away from studies 
rita :yes he is fallen into bad company 
me:his parrents don't know about it 
rita:don't u think we should tell them about their child 
me: no we all do something for him
rita :u know this habbit is not good it will not going to help him in the future
me:ya we know that 
rita : we request to teacher that please take any punishment for those who not complete their homework 
me:and also target of marks like if somebody get below 10out of below 8 they get punishment
Me and my friend discus on this topic we both are against of what my frnd is doing
for that we findout one supper solution .
that solution is we told every teacher that please concentrate on that student
told his parents do not alloow him to go out for more time