Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess whom every man desired. Her father, the King, however, was quite demanding as to who should be her husband. 
Onde day, a poor soldier came to the town and, as he saw the princess, he fell madly inlove with her. But, he was poor and couldn`t hope to be her husband. 
The princess, however, told him she would marry him if he would wait for her a 100 days and nights. 
And, so, that same night, the soldier stood outside her window and waited. Everyday, as the princess got up, she saw the soldier there in the same spot, wether it was sunny, rainny or snowing!!! And, when she closed her window before she went to sleep there he would be, just waiting. And, as time went by she began to love him... 
Then on the 99th night, the soldier got up and simply walked away... never to be seen again!!! 

Bottom line: If you love someone, say it!!!
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