The environment of any living organim is everything around it which affect its way of life.It includes the land where we live,our water resources, the air we breathe, and the plant &animal life around us.Ecology is the science that studies living things in their environment and all the different relationships that exist there.In fact environment is a necessary factor for any living organismto sustain its life on earth.But even realizing its importance human beings have drastically changed the environment by clearing forests,growing crops,dumping enormous amounts of waste and causing pollution.We have to understand that we cannot live in this world if there was no environment.Our selfish activities will destroy it and all plants and animals would become extinct in the near future.Also, destruction of the environment would lead to the devastating global warming.We must surely do something before it is too late.''Waste not Want not '' is a wise saying.We should not waste precious resources.We have to switch over to renewable, eco- friendly sources of energy and plant more trees. REDUCE,RECYCLE AND REUSE should be our motto.                                        FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS:-                                                                        1.why conservation of environment is a necessary factor for us?               
ans:-Environment is a necessary factor to sustain our life on earth.Destruction of the environment would lead to the devastating global warming and all of us would  die in the near future.So conservation of the environment is necessary.
2.what do you mean by the environment of an organism?
ans:-the environment of any living organism is everything around it which affects its way of life.
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what all steps can be taken to conserve our environment
what are the aftereffects of destroying our environment
answers are in the paragraph itself
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