Choose the correct verb from the brackets:

1. He ------------ out five minutes ago. (has gone; had gone; went).

2. When he lived on Hyderabad, he ------------------- to the cinema once a week. (goes; went; was going).

3. The baby ------------- all morning.( cries; has been crying).

4. I -------------- Rahim at the zoo.(saw; have seen; had seen)|.

5. I --------------- kumar thos week.(haven't seen; didn't see; am not seeing).



he went out five minutes ago.
when he lived in hyderabad , he went to the cinema once a week.
the baby has been crying all morning.
i saw rahim at the zoo.
i haven't seen kumar this week.

1 5 1
1. Went
2. Went
3. Has been Crying
4. Saw
5. Haven't seen
1 4 1