1. jal jeevan ka anmol ratan use bachane ka karo jatan
2. paani bachao,jindagi bachao
3. jal hai toh kal hai!!!!

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waht is the meaning of jal hai toh kal hai
if water is prsnt now then we can expect about futr
oh thankyou very much. all the best.
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1.Jal He To Kal He,
      Jal Nahi To Kuch Nahi.
2.Jal Hi Dhan Hai, Jal hi jeevan hai,
      Jal Hai To Hum Hai, Jal Hai to Kal Hai
3.Jal Jeevan ka Anmol Ratan,
      ise Bachane Ka Karo Jatan.

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