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'''wisdom comes from  experience. experience is often a result of lack of wisdom"". respected teacher and my dear friends a very good morning .I someone going to present a speech on the topic humor and wisdom.

a sense of  humor is needed armor .Humor is something that you get to laugh because of it. there are two types of humor good and bad. humor is one of the best ingredient of survival . common sense and sense of humor are the same but moves with different speed and time. the problem having a sense of humor is often that you see people in very good mood .the secret source of humor its self is not joy but sorrow. their is no humor in heaven. humor is a man kind's blessings.

wisdom begins in wonder. the only true wisdom is in  knowing you know nothing .their is a wisdom of head and wisdom of heart. being happy is way of being wise. knowledge speaks but wisdom listens. wisdom is the supreme art of happiness. turn your wounds into wisdom. patience is the best companion of wisdom .a poems begins in delight and ends in wisdom. wisdom does not come with age sometimes age just show up all by its self.

I would conclude my speech by saying that you must accept responsibility for your actions ,but not the credit for your actions. thank you and have a nice day.

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