Most of the people in India are employed in the agricultural sector.As we all know that the entire agricultural calender is dependent upon monsoon.The uncertain arrival and uneven distribution of the rain leads to a huge loss in the total production.The poor farmers who cannot bear this loss are forced to take loans and they are put in debt as they cannot repay it.Nowadays there are many government policies to help such farmers.But many farmers in India don't even know about this due to lack of education.They must be given proper education and knowledge about  government policies.Rainwater harvesting is another method to prevent drought.This should be implemented in every farming plots and houses .If so, a huge loss in food due to delayed arrival of monsoon can be prevented.Hence it results in the number of farmers committing suicides:)
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1.  Farmers must be declared as important citizens of the country.  They must be given some respect nationwide.  They could be declared as important and respectful as the freedom fighters.  Then people's attitude towards them will change.  Farmers will not feel so terrible.  Good farmers around the country are to be chosen regularly as best farmers.  Farming and agriculture must be named to be most respectful profession, in lessons.  So people will respect them.

2.  Farmers may have a forum to discuss their troubles and present their worst fears.  The discussions will enable them to some ways to solve their troubles.  They may be associated with many social voluntary organizations.

3.  Many Farmers commit suicide only due to the burden of the loans, that they could repay.  They feared defamation and confiscation of their properties.  All this were due to the crops not being successful.  The reasons for the failure of crops were adulterated and fake seeds, fertilizers, lack of water and money.
   So we must solve these problems.  People who deceive through fake seeds and fertilizers must be caught and punished severely.  Loans are given to farmers for agriculture every year and interest on loans is also waived by banks. 

4.   Farmers think that it is their fate that they could not do good.  Some thing at the national level may be done to change that and give them courage to live more and hope for a better life.  After all, a farmer's success contributes to the nation's economy.

5.  Every few years there are unseasonal rains, cyclones, floods, and drought.  So a farmer faces risk.  There should be more effort on the government and media, to reach the affected farmers, to solve the problems.  Farmers may be brought in contact with the experts on agriculture.

  The solutions to these problems must be found at a large scale and must be implemented.  Government allocates a lot of money for many schemes to help farmers.  Perhaps there is corruption and due to that farmers are not benefiting.  Corruption and cheating must be prevented and a secure way of helping farmers must be found.

6.  Often farmers take money from agents, and private moneylenders.  They face tough situation afterwards.  A solution must be found so that farmers do not go towards them.

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