Smoking is a major problem in today. Initially the man get attracted towards it and later it turns into a habit. There are many other diseases.Texts were considered drug abuse is bad. Smoking is a slow poison. It spread in a body slowly. Most have bad effects on the lungs. Because of smoking the man dies quickly. Smoking causes a disease such as cancer and tuberculosis. Smokers do not seem properly hunger. The taste of mouth gets worse. Not foul mouth.For women, smoking is more deadly. Some people understand that smoking calms the mind and the brain. He thinks it can do its work by the abuse he concentrated mind. In fact, this assumption is very wrong. Smoking makes minds dull. Smoking is also written on the box that smoking is injurious to health, yet people drink this poison.Today's young generation is bound up very badly in smoking addiction. Losses are shown daily on TV today, yet people do not learn from it. Today people want him to leave this bad habit to make your life happy.