India is a vast country lying entirely in the northern hemisphere.It is situated in the southern part of the Asian continent.T the southeast and southwest of the mainland ,lie the Andaman &  Nicobar islands  and the Lakshadweep islands in the bay of Bengal and Arabian sea respectively.The Indian landmass has a central location between the east and west Asia.The trans Indian ocean routes which connect the countries of Europe in the west and the countries of east Asia provide a strategic central location to India.India shares its land boundaries with Pakistan and Afghanistan in the northwest,China,Nepal,Bhutan in the north and Myanmar and Bangladesh in the east.There are also two island countries across the sea namely Sri Lanka and Maldives. The enhancement of the transportation system helped India to connect with countries in South America,Africa,Europe,North America and countries like Australia.No other country has a long coastline on the Indian ocean as India has and indeed ,it is India's eminent position in the Indian ocean which justifies the naming of  ocean of an ocean after it.
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