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Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra rests on the Arabian sea on an island. Mumbai is the virtual centre of Indian trade and commerce, and has a superb harbour which provides the city with the country's busiest port. The city is dotted with Victorian mansions and grand public buildings which serve as a gentle reminder of the British Raj. Mumbai is also known as thecommercial capital of India. The city is known for its chic restaurants, hip, western style bars which offer a wide choice of cuisines like Continental, Chinese and numerous Indian dishes. 

With its large migrant population and local enterprise, this city is the most cosmopolitan of the metros in India. It enjoys a distinctly tropical climate and has a new, vibrant culture that reflects the affluence and energy of the people. Renowned as the 'Queen of Indian Cities', Mumbai is well connected with all the major cities in the world

I think mumbai is a city of bollywood .should stop excessive cutting of trees & forest. We should start afforestation The most important we should keep our city clean. Special provisions should be taken to keep Mumbai clean. Recently BMC have created artificial ponds for immersion of idols so that water does not get polluted . It is rightly...
Greater Mumbai Cleanliness And Sanitation Byelaws 2006 Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Solid Waste Management Department Helping make CLEAN Mumbai Clean-Up Mumbai Campaign An MCGM Initiative Mumbai Facts • Every public space is splattered with paan stains and there is litter...