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A person can improve his English by
1) reading English newspapers.
2) communicating with others (who can speak perfect English) in English.
3) watching English news/programs/films.
4) referring the dictionary for every doubt you get in English.
5) learning good grammar from English grammar books.
6) attending English tutorials or programs such as Spoken English classes, which helps you to improve your fluency in English.
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These are simple steps to improve your spoken English. (without paying for any spoken english classes.)
1. Start watching English movies. (Start with the ones with subtitles.)
2. Start reading English books or novels. Make sure you have a pencil or pen to highlight the words which u can't understand and have a small dictionary handy to find the meaning immediately. ( this might take a long time but u can do 1 page a day.)
3. Then when you get little confident watch English movies without subtitles and start listening to English songs and soon you will start to sing those songs.
4. Next step is to try communicate most of the time in English. You might make mistake and find yourself in an awkward situation but that's fine. After all you are still learning. Let people correct you.
5. You can also read out English newspapers loud and clear when alone. (Pretend to be a news reporter to add more fun ;) )
6. Till now you would have improved a lot and just to sharpen the edges you could read some English literature or watch classic English movies to increase your vocabulary. All The Best!