1. Yes, every year because of irresponsible behaviour of students, class room benches are being damaged.
2. The students play . In their play, they damage these benches.
3.Sometimes, the children fight. They show their anger on benches.The benches break.
4. Sometimes, due to the irresponsible behaviour of staff, sometimes the benches are broken.
5. This is definetely a loss to the school property.
6. The money paid for the purchase of benches by students is lost.
7. So, we should not be careless and improve our behaviour.Then, there will be no loss to the school property.
School property is being damaged due the irresponsible actions and behavior of the students .students have been found to scratch words on benches, kick the benches to make them lose,drag them around leading to damage and breakage . civic sense need to be inculcated in students to change their outlook towards school and public property . the offenders should be punished to prevent the damage of school property . like they have to bring 1000 rs fine or suspend for 5 or i week or clean the whole school campus for at least 5  days     

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