Yes we can able to produce current by cycling and running(jogging). You may heard about dynamo or you may have seen in bicycle . In dynamo current is generated by induced effect( current produced or generated in a closed loop wire when it is exposed or induced to alternative magnetic fields). There's is another way of generating current is by using thermoelectric cell or battery in thiz current is generated or produced by thermal effect or difference in temperature between two metals p and n.
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Dynamo is a device which is used to transfer mechanic energy into electric energy.It work on the fact that change in magnetic flux is  the source of placing dynamo on axle of wheel of cycle.We can produce current.

Another activity
sit on the plastic chair by keeping your leg up from earth.say to your friend to beat chair by towel and said to another friend to touch you.then both of you feel current.It is static current.If you put your leg on earth then current will pass to earth.and activity will fail