Games and sports are the keys which keep our lock of body mentally and physically fit.It keeps us healthy and helps us to keep all  diseases away from us.They offer us a change from the monotony of daily life.Games and sports are not only important for the success of studios but also important for the growth of our  strong personality.Every time studies and no play makes us mentally dull.Thus it is always advised that our busy life should also include some time for games and sports.It is a very useful means of pastime also.Thus games and sports are good for us in many directions.
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let me start with today's has become so busy.there is no time for any other activities than office , school , collage , tuition etc.

i hope you all agree to me.its a truth of today's world.

almost 95% parents wants their child to become what they want to make their child. i think this is not fair.i hope you all think the same as me.

there are very few parents who gives their child the freedom to be what he or she wants to be.

because of all these , we forget a very important thing.that is sports and keeps us fit but we still neglect sports and and games.

games makes our memory sharper as well.we should plays at least for 1 hour a day.

this will definitely help us become more strong and,keep all yourword aside for one hour and start playing.