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 1environments that are stable and expierence very little change are the best places for organism that reproduce asexually. 
2 Large numbers of offspring are reproduced very quickly from only one parent when conditions are favourable. 
3 Large colonies can form that can out-complete other organisms for nutrients and water. 
4Large number of organisms mean that species may survive when conditions or the number of predators change. 
5 Energy is not required to find a mate
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In asexual reproduction new plants are obtained without production of seeds or spores. plants can give rise to new plants without seeds this is know as asexual reprodution . the spores are asexual reproductive bodies each spore is covered by a hard protective coat to withstand unfavourable conditions such as high temperature and low humidity . so they can survive for a long time under favourable conditions a spore germinates and develops into a new individual .plants such as moss and ferns also reproduce means of spores this is meant by asexual reproduction ENERGY IS NOT REQUIRED FOR MATE
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