The unhygienic food is hazardous and if it is consumed regularly for a longer period of time then it may be proved fatal for our health. The food consumed may cause obesity in children which leads to repulsion in body due to which the body of the child becomes repulsive and looks ugly due to excess of fat deposition in stomach. The unhygienic food is like poison for liver and consumption of this food will also affect the digestive system and the child may have problems in proper digestion of food due to which various digestive problems may occur in the child.

1.Children should bring their own food from home
2.We must control ourselves from eating these types of foods
3.A food inspector should inspect the school canteens whether working in a hygienic way or not,if not report it to the priciple for further action
4.canteen should be built in a closed area so that no flies poison it
5.Chef an cooks should clean their hands and wear....aprons  
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The school canteens are required to provide food to a large number of students in the school . Hence they have to take extra caution in choosing the ingredients, preparation  and serving of food in an extremely hygienic manner. Moreover since it involves the health of small children, extra precautions are to be taken. But sadly, in many schools in spite of the instructions given to maintain hygiene, we can see flies around the food and plates not properly cleaned, and tasteless food which makes us lose our appetite. we need to be aware that serving food in canteens should not be considered as just a business, School authorities must carry out a regular check of how the food is prepared and served and the teacher in charge must have food along with the children to ensure the quality of the food. Unhygienic preparation of food can lead to many consequences like food poisoning which may prove dangerous to the life of the people consuming that food.