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I think such an attitude to treat the elders as old fashioned is extremely wrong because, no one has the right to judge others. The elders have seen and experienced a lot in their lives, and we have to try to learn good things from their life and what they try to impart to us. Knowledge can come from anywhere. Nothing should be dismissed as old-fashioned or old -style because the age of technology has been reached by travelling through different phases and today's new fashion will become old fashioned tomorrow. We have to learn the values of respecting the elders and have to inculcate that in our lives.

Secondly, I will try to make  my friends understand the importance of having the elders in our family and how much we should value that. They have become old by working hard in their prime for us and the family and what they need in their old age is not hatred. Due respect and love has to be given for their hardwork. I think properly conveyed my friends will understand the message and act accordingly. If required , I will take the help of other friends or teachers to make them understand this through a real life experience like a lesson being taught to the whole class or a discussion done informally among the friends, without blaming  or naming anyone. The aim is just to create awareness among everyone to treat elders with respect.  I will do everything in my ability to certainly make them understand that those who do not value their elders do not deserve to be respected either.
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It is absolutely wrong to dismiss the elders in a family.It is our duty to respect elders and obey them.This is because they are more experienced  and they know much more about life than us.But nowadays children and youngsters often disrespect them by considering that they are old fashioned.We must always keep in mind that  we will also enter old age in the future and at that time,our children would also mock at us in the same way.It is because of the differences in living conditions and technology,we feel that  elders are old fashioned.Most of the things which we use in our daily life such as T.V ,computer ,fridge,washing machine etc. were not there at earlier times.So some elders may feel it difficult  to handle &use such things and continues to be old fashioned.We should understand that this is not their fault.I think these points would help to change the attitude of your friends:)
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