Convert into passive voice the following:
1. He made a very remarkable discovery.
2. We prohibit smoking.
3. Rama was making a kite.
4. He will finish the work in the fortnight.
5. I am vexed by you.
6. An egg is being eaten by me.
7. The fruit has been eaten by sita.
8. The bridge was built last year.
9. Tea is contained in this cup.
10. I am troubled by you.




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Active voice to Passive voice:
1.A very remarkable discovery was made by him.
2. Smoking is prohibited.(by us)
3. A kite was being made by Rama.
4. The work will be finished by him in the fortnight.

(5-6 sentences are already in Passive voice.Their active forms are mentioned below:)
Passive voice to Active voice:
5. You vex me.
6. I'm eating an egg.
7. Sita ate the fruit.
8. They built the bridge last year.
9. This cup contains tea.
10.You trouble me.
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