wow this topic is related to the great truth of this world.i would start by explaining that what is swachch bharat abhiyaan actually.

clean india also known as swachch bharat abhiyan which is a mission whose aim is to clean india and make it more beautiful.

this has been started by narendra modi on 2nd october , 2014 which is also the birth day of mahatma gandhi whom we also call bapu.

narendra modi along with other celebraties also took part in the mission.some of them were baba ramdev , amitabh bachchan , saina nehwal , amir khan and salman khan.we all should contribute in this mission.the tenure of this mission is 5 years.

we should keep our houses cleans and always try to keep our gardens clean .we should also keep our schools clean which is our second home.we should always through the wastes in the dust bins.

we will stay healthy only if we stay in a clean place.we should always teach the small children to clean our surroundings and never dirty them.we will not fall sick if we stay in a clean place.

the people of villages perform defecation in open grounds.through this mission , we all are giving the message to establish toilets and use them.

in this way there will be no bad of its objectives is to make the people understand the value of sanitation.

this will help us in cleaning india and making it more and more beautiful. 

this was all about clean india or swachch bharat abhiyan.

now the main problem is that almost all the people of this society are just pretending to be good and helpful.they just want their fame and nothing else.

they doesn't care about the normal people of this society instead they just show a little bit by posing with a broom in their hand just to make themselves famous.

this is usually done by the politicians celebraties.they do this just to become famous.they does not do all these for the good of our nation.

this is a very sad fact.i just hope that we will not believe in them and try our best to save our nations from these people who just know to pretend and do nothing else.

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