Own Address Date The Editor The Times of India KG Marg Delhi Sub: Hike in bus fares posing a problem for common people Sir, Through the columns of ur esteemed newspaper I would like to highlight the greivences of the commom people and the problems posed due to the recent hike in bus fares . Public transport is something which is a very essential part of the common peoples life and continous increase in the bus fares is becoming a big problem day by day . I too use public buses and feel the greivence of the common man . The present users of public transport are often hard-pressed to find the current fares. As such, any increase at this time will be unbearable to many. This could result in serious conflicts between passengers and bus crews over the payment of bus fares. There could also be other social fallout such as the negative impact on school attendance and all the other consequential social ills that that will trigger. So through ur newspaper I would like to urge the concerned authority to take concrete steps to reduce tje burden of the common people . Thankyou Yours sincerely Your name