the grand-mother was never pretty, but always beautiful.explain the statement, in the context of story ?

And who is the author?
How long u wnt this ans to be..??
class 11, cbse, author-khuswant singh, 1st chapter most probably...150-200 words
its the portrait of the lady story yaar !!!


The authors grandmother was a person stong in character. She was a picture of contentment. She had her own thoughts about hte learning at school. She considered the teaching of scriptures to be fruitful than science and music.
In her phase of loneliness and seclusion, she took to wheel spinning and feedind sparrows.
She appeared and did not display any emotion when the author decided to go abroad for studies.
Ignoring everyone who tried to stop her, she sang for several hours celebrating the home-coming of her grandson.
During the last few hours of her life, ignoring the protests of her family members, she stopped talking to everyone and took to reciting prayers and telling her beeds.So that she was never pretty but always beautiful.
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you should have written good things about her....