From where do I start? Let it be your mother, sister, daughter, wife or any other else? Can you imagine your life without any one of them? So, why are you letting somebody else not have them? Just in the greed of a boy running a factiry, you've got blood on your hands, you kiled the unborn, the defenseless, just of of greed. Why? did a boy was all you desired? Did you forget what joys a girl can bring to you and someone other? Yes, you did.
And ok f you have given the right to a girl to live, will she be a labor and nothing else?
doesnt she has the right to be educated? what will she do, is she just for drawing water from the well, being a labor remaining at home whereas boys are getting educated and the illetracy rates is risng high. no. for the sake of india, let her study.
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