please please please please fast i want debate on the topic on wars are not a good way to end conflicts i am in favour that wars are not good but i want some different that if people cant understand with peace than we have to taketoolsdo wars please please give best beacuse the marks is given to usi want to get 40/40 so please immedialtely as fast as you can please please goodbest debate on it



War. Injuries, pain, broken hearts. what for? to settle a conflict? 
"War is not a solution but the problem itself"
it leads to revenge, jealousy and pain.
why people, i ask, why? is peace no more a good solution? lets talk about the past, kalinga war, world war 1, world war 2, what it all led to? bloodshed, pain, suffering. No more. start with yourself. make a change, start TODAY
Wars are never solutions for a conflict because by shedding blood things never end, but the rivalry and the insult of being defeated will carry on. This will not solve the issues for sure. Weapons are used and lives are lost for no fault of theirs during wars. Instead what should be done is a meaningful dialogue between the affected parties to understand the root cause of the problem and solve the causes. Both the parties must try to understand each others point of view and compromise on required areas. Stubborn behaviour cannot help, is the main point to remember. At the same time, each of the parties have to make their voices heard and not simply accept matters unwillingly. Compassion towards the other party has to be displayed in order to make a breakthrough. Wars are unnecessary waste of a nation's money which can be used for more useful purposes like elimination of poverty, providing education, basic facilities etc to the underprivileged and also to the development of the country. But there are circumstances where peace talks fails through tried to the best of ability and then war has to be resorted to. When  talks does not make sense, one has to use power to uphold the dignity and interests of one's nation. The most important point to be remembered is that the decisions taken must be in the best interest of one's own nation, and the opportunities for resolving problems through mutual talks and participation must never be wasted.
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