It is defined as distance between two consecutive compression or distance b/w two consecutive rarefaction
its s.i unit is metres
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this definition is particular to pressure waves or sound waves.

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The distance between the two successive  crests or troughs of a wave (in a snap shot of the wave at an instance of time)  is called the wave length.  

The wave length is the distance traveled by the wave in one time period duration of the wave.

The wavelength is also equal to the (nearest) distance between two successive points on the wave, which are in the same phase.

its units are units of length -  meters in SI system.  cm in CGS.      Nano meters or Angstroms are also used for very small values of wavelengths.

Wavelength for the sound waves is defined as the distance between two successive rarefaction regions or compression regions.  Sound waves being mechanical pressure waves, the pressure (or stress in the medium) changes between a maximum and a minimum.  The distance between two nearest maximums or minimums is called the wave length.

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