Yes, this situation also occurs in my class. A group of students sits in a row. These are the boys which behave bad with our teacher's. These students bag is never heavy. Whenever you will see their bags. The bag will be slim as they are doing party in the class. They take my books mostly which I never likes but I keep silence because if I will stand then my teacher can be disturbed.
These students behave good with me but I don't like their behaviour with the teachers. These boys are involved in fighting also.
Even girls do not bring books. How bad is the situation now in schools. I fear what will happen in the schools after when I will pass my school and after some years none of the students will be disciplined.
We should bring books daily in school

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We should always bring books to class. Without books it becomes difficult to follow up what's being taught in class. We need to borrow books from others which sometimes disturbs the others. Every student should be responsible and bring their own books.