Brain is the head of the body many neuron send msg to brain
just like MD of company which is locted top of the building

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I asked,Why brain present in the head.i am thinking that,you gave me correct answer but some is wrong.
The strongest stand-alone bone in the body, are bones made up of the skull.
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Brain controls our body with the help of nerves which are of two types, sensory and motor. it is present in our head to control our master gland, pititurie.
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it is present in our head to control our master gland, pititurie.
In electric current,why electrons move opposite the direction of positive charges,when it is connected to the battery.and when it is detached from the battery,electrons(negative ions),and positive ions move in the specified direction.when electrolyte(acid) is added and when anode(+ charge)and cathode(_ charge) placed in electrolyte and when it is connected to the battery,why? the electrons(_ charges) and positive ions move to the electrodes cathode and anode untill the two forces become
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