Good Morning teachers and fellow classmates. Global warming is on a rise and Mother Earth is experiencing many more natural disasters and temperature is going up due to greenhouse effect. We all want to do our part for the environment and we can help reduce the greenhouse effect by going green. I have seen the poster on 7 ways to go green and I felt that we can apply some of the ways that they have shown in the poster and do our part to save the environment.


The cost of running a computer a year is approximately $235.60! If each of us have a computer, weâll be soending not millions but billions in the long run. Youo might think even if you did your part and others didnât, it will make no difference. But the saying goes, it only takes one to make a change. If everyone does a small part, such as unplugging the adapter can bring us a long way. Electricity comes from the burning of fossil fuels so by just a small act can save the environment.


In the long run, carbon monoxide released by cars will be reduced , helping to reduce the greenhouse effect. Lastly, another way we can apply not only at home or mostly anywhere is to switch off the lights. I have noticed in school that many of us leave our classes without switching off the lights and fans. The same idea from unplugging the adaptor applies here. Switching off the lights and fans when not in use can save a lot of electricity. To conclude, I hope all of us have learnt some ways that we can adopt and help save the environment but also understand that if everyone does their part, we can all look forward to a greener world. Thank you
The environment of any living organism is everything around it,which affects it's way of life.It includes the land where we live,our water resources,the air we breathe,and all the plants & animals around us.Ecology is the science that studies living things in their environment and all the different relationships which exists there.In fact,environment is a necessary factor for any living organism to sustain its life on earth.But even realizing its importance,,human beings have drastically changed the environment by clearing  forests,growing crops,dumping enormous quantities of waste materials and causing pollution.This will lead to the most devastating global warming.We have to understand that we cannot live in this world if there is no environment.Our selfish activities will destroy the environment and all of us will die in the near future.We must definitely do something before it is too late."Waste not want not"is a well known saying.We should not waste precious resources.We have to switch over to renewable ,eco-friendly  sources of energy and plant more trees.REDUCE,RECYCLE AND REUSE must be our motto.