The world arond us is changing and of course the technologies too.most of the children now a days want their own mobile phones and it is estimated that almost 70% of children between the agegroup 10-14 now own one.the question of whether they should be able to bring mobile phones to the school has created a considerable debate with in the school community between the teachers parents and students---start like this,add points  in favour of mobile phones in your openion,mention when a mobile comes in to handy,and end with a catchy quote like-mobile phones are misnamed,they sould be called as gateways to human knowledge. :)
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Some kids work better with their music and so they have their phones for that reason. What if something bad were to happen and they couldn't get to a phone right then, so something bad then happened to them? If they were to have a phone chances of something bad happening are less likely.
oh,i forgot to mention,prepare some precautions too,as there is a chance for the teacher to ask 1 question on your topic