1.Children develop time management and study skills
Teachers can keep track of progress
Students can engage with their studies

Homework eats up free time
Excess homework causes children to feel ‘burnt out
Homework is rarely valuable
Advantages: 1. "Practice makes perfect" - True learning ---true understanding--- is accomplished when you can solve the problems or perform the tasks easily. Hearing the lesson and taking notes in class is only half of the work. 2. You learn certain virtues: initiative, responsibility, discipline, perseverance. Disadvantages: The TIME article linked below reports that one researcher found no link between homework and academic success. I personally don't believe it, and I would like to see the research report, but if it's a reputable source, it's worth looking into.

DISADVANTAGES:-disadvantages: Let's say I have wheat and you have corn. But I have no need for corn. If our goods/services do not match up, we can't barter with each other. If we just bought and sold with cash rather than try to barter we could each sell our goods to who wants them then take the cash and buy what we want. advantages: Let's say I'm an accountant and you are a car mechanic. I have no idea how to fix my car. You have no idea how to do your tax paperwork. We can then swap services, do what we each do best, and both benefit.
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