We plant the seed

   but the harvest is not ours,

A speck of soil in our eyes,

   in our lives,

   in our time spent on the soil.

A speck of time in the eye of created time,

we plant the seed.


We weep for the soil,

   so to the soil our speck returns,

   our bodies return,

   all bodies return.

We do not save our soil,

   so to the river our speck of soil goes,

   to the ocean where it weeps for us.

Sustenance for a future harvest that is not our own,

we plant the seed.


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thank u very much will u give me another poem
your welcome :) but then i have to think and write .. so i need very much time for that because jldi sa nhi bnti poems n vo bhi thora sa difficult topic h yeh.. :) soryy!
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rains are everywhere
but not a single to eat
rains shower everywhere
why they burn in heat.

nights go with flameless stoves
some sleep with empty tummy
rights go with rich gloves
stocks fill the platers' rummy.

buffers run in a game
in the game-rat hunt
suffers run in a game
in the game to hunt for hunger.

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