Change the following into indirect speech:
1. Aladdin said to the magician, " what have I done to deserve so server a blow'?
2. "Halt" shouted the officer to his men.
3. "Have you anything to say on behalf of the prisoner" , said the judge finally.
4. Then aloud he said, " tell me, boy, is the
miller within?"
5. The poor man exclaimed, " will non of you help me?".

Question 2 convert the following into direct narration
6. The girl said to her friend that she would have written a letter is the evening.
7. His father taught his that Ramayana is a holy book.
8. He said that he cried out when he saw the the if coming.
9. He told me that there was no more water.
10. I advised my son to work hard for a better tomorrow.

The questions 7 and 8 seems to lack a few words. Can you please let me know those missing words, so that I can add them to my answer?
Madam, no any word is missing in questions no 7. And in questions 8 have one word mistake I.e the if, use word theif instead of the if. Plz answer.
Okay but in the question no. 7, "His father taught his __ ??"
I considered it as "son" for example. I'm not sure whether its correct!?



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1. Aladdin asked the magician what he had done to deserve so severe a blow.
2. The officer ordered/commanded his men to halt.
3. The judge, finally asked if he/she has anything to say on behalf of the prisoner.
4. He asked the boy to tell if the miller is within.
5. The poor man exclaimed whether none of them would help him.

6. "I will have written a letter in the evening", said the girl to her friend.
7. "Ramayana is a holy book", taught the father to his son.
8. " I cried out when I saw the /lion/ coming", he said.
9. He said to me ,"There was no more water".
10. I said to my son,"Work hard for a better tomorrow".
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Thanks madam angella
Pleasure sir ! :)
I'm sorry. Instead of "thief", I've typed "lion" in the question no. 8 !