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School canteen is a regular visit for students during break time. All sorts of food is available there. The foods are just which are to fill the stomach and they have no nutrition of their own. The foods also make us obese and even though they are tasty they are made in unhygienic conditions. These cause pain in the stomach as well as they harm the appetite of the students. They hate home made hygienic food and love food from vendors. Also the hands of the servers are too dirty which is indeed very bad for the health of students.
So we must always have hygienic foods from our home rather than these vendors.
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so , the slogan is " school canteen is unhygienic".
this is a very common problem in all the schools.the victims are usually the school students.
now , the fact is that , the school students have to suffer from different types of diseases like stomach ache , vomiting etc. they will become very weak also.this can effect their studies as well.
the very simple solution is to bring healthy and hygienic food from our homes.our home made food is very good for our health and this will also not make us ill.our studies will not be effected as well.
if , it is not possible for some of the students to bring food from their houses then they should write a letter to the principal of the school.this may help to solve the problem.
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