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we have to be always honest on work and always be alert at working time. we have to work with a good determination in our mind. we always have to try to pick up that company/ office or anything at a peak stage with our hard work. 
People think always about power and position. They think that, after they gain their power and position, they think that everything after that, will be left to relax. But, after we gain power or position,it doesn't stop like that, their are some responsibilities that come with it. Many responsibilities have to be executed, that my currently gained power or position stays with me, they are as listed below :-

1. We have to be  alert or active for any enemies. We have to remember that enemies are made when, our own friends become jealous with our success.

2. We have to give more attention and concentration  on our work, than usual, while working in our office or anywhere.

3. We have to make good relationship with our friends and colleagues, etc.
 so we don't have any enemies.

 We have to go outside, often for work.