A kita and rumi are good friends they want to see a film but rumi parents don't like their going out without elders discuss

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The reason why parents of rumi dont want to send her to the movie because 1. she is a girl and it is not so safe to leave them alone.
2. if so any problem occurs they could not make decisions of their own.

The way to reason it out, they can either go by themselves with girls or dont send them to movie.

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Her parents fear to send them out for a film, all alone without elders, because of many sensitive reasons. A few of them are listed below:
1. Since they aren't still mature enough, they don't know what exactly is wrong and what's not.They may get stuck in unknown traps! But, if elders are with them, they would surely guide them in a correct manner.
2. Today's world isn't of much safety, especially for girls. The brutal gang-rape incident of a Delhi girl in 2012 is an unforgettable example to mention.
3.Very seldom, people follow the traffic rules. This may result in many accidents and sometimes, even deaths.
So, its always better to go along with our elders as they treat us with care and hence, the possibility of impolite driving and accidents is lessened.
4.The increasing number of kidnaps, now-a-days, is also a reason. The possibility of kidnaps is lesser, when elders are around.
5.If its too rush at the theaters, there is a chance for the children to get lost in the heavy crowd.Hence, this can also be considered as a reason for the parents' fear.

To reason out with them, 
1. the girls(or the youth in general) should assure the parents that they wouldn't go anywhere else but to the theater, even if they get attracted to the worldly things.
2. the Police should be made attentive everywhere, so that they could take some immediate action on the culprits.
3. the girls can carry a few safety articles along with them such as Pepper spray, danger alarming watches, cell phones with in built GPS, etc,.
4.the girls without losing their self-confidence, should stand strongly against the ones who misbehave with them.
5. they should be able to contact their parents or any helpful persons near by, if they are ought to be in danger.
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